SHIELD works closely with each and every team no matter the sport to develop short-term and long-term programs to optimize each teams physical and mental performance. We work with teams during both in-season and off-season to meet their desired goals. We customize our programs based on the teams needs and will develop integrated performance systems and work with specialists to meet these demands.

In-Season and Off-Season

Here at SHIELD there is no offseason. In order to keep up with the evolving demands of each sport, we believe that it is imperative that teams are training both in-season and off-season. Our in-season program focuses on decreasing injury risk and keeping the athletes at their peak physical performance. Our off-season programs work with the athletes to increase strength, power, flexibility and movement.

Injured Athletes

Whether in-season or off-season we work with our specialists in our Rehabilitation department to get each athlete on their team back to their top performance and back in the game.

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